Join us in celebrating Elektor’s 60th anniversary. In addition to all the new electronics-related content we have in the pipeline, we are planning 4 exciting special anniversary-projects. We encourage engineers, technical students, writers, vloggers, thinkers, teachers and makers to contribute ideas to the following initiatives:

Anniversary Book: Elektor editors and engineers are working on an in-depth book that surveys the past 60 years of electronics innovation, from the early ICs of the 1960s to the newest microcontrollers in 2021. As we investigate the key electronics-related technologies of each decade, we are highlighting the exemplary projects, ideas, products, and inventions that came out of the Elektor community. The in-depth, high-resolution book will include essays from notable engineers, interviews with industry thought leaders, insights on groundbreaking technologies, lists of important people and companies in the history of electronics, and much more. It is sure to be the ultimate collector’s item for the serious electronics fanatic. 


World Ethical Electronics Forum  (WEEF): Do pro engineers and electronics makers have an ethical responsibility to use their skills in positive ways? Should ethics play a role in how tech companies manufacture and sell their products? During the next several months, Elektor and its partners will investigate these questions. On November 18, 2021, we will hold the first annual World Ethics in Electronics Forum (WEEF) at the Wappenhalle in Munich, Germany. The live event will feature talks and debates on a wide range ethical issues, as well as some refreshments so we can celebrate to Elektor’s 60th anniversary.


Elektor Movie: Curious about the projects, products, and technologies that members of the Elektor community have worked on since 1961? Our creative team has begun developing an informative movie about Elektor’s history and its contributions to the past 60 years of electronics innovation. Join us on a thought-provoking journey from the early ICs of the 1960s to today’s AI and machine learning microcontrollers.


The Elektor Mobile Lab: Imagine creating circuit diagrams beside the Amstel river in Amsterdam on a Friday and then soldering the project with friends in Athens on Sunday evening. Elektor wants to make it possible. With easy access to inexpensive electronic components, handy rapid prototyping boards, portable lab tools, an Internet connection, and an Elektor Membership, today’s pro engineers and makers can tackle design projects anywhere, at any time, in an Elektor Mobile Lab. In the coming months, Elektor engineers will begin designing the first Elektor Mobile Lab, a four-wheeled DIY workspace packed with everything a roaming maker needs to take his or her electronics adventure on the road!

Other Ideas and/or questions? Contact us any time!


CJ Abate 
Content Director
Denise Bodrone
Anniversary Manager