Elektor International Media Acquires Elektronica Magazine

April 19, 2019 | 00:00
The first cover after the Elektor acquisition
The first cover after the Elektor acquisition
The specialist journal Elektronica (previously published by MYbusinessmedia) has been taken over by Elektor International Media (EIM). Aachen, Germany-based EIM publishes a variety of magazines (e.g., ElektorLabs and Elektor Industry) and books for professional electrical engineers, maker pros, students, and electronics enthusiasts. According to EIM, the acquisition of Elektronica fits in perfectly with its growing media portfolio.
Since its founding in 1953, Elektronica trade magazine has kept specialists up to date with the latest trends and developments in the electronics market. More than 17,000 engineers rely on the publication for news and articles on new technology and electronic design.
"We are delighted to be working with the long-established magazine Elektronica," said Don Akkermans, director of EIM. "Elektronica fits strategically well into our growing media portfolio, especially now that we are also expanding the commercial propositions for the electronics industry."
The acquisition of Elektronica is an important addition to Elektor's position in the Dutch-speaking market. Elektronica now reaches almost the entire market of professional e-engineers. Now, thanks to EIM's broad, international network, Elektronica's partners will also have access to the German-, French- and English-speaking markets.
Elektor has been a household name in the global electronics world for six decades. Its growing community has around 200,000 loyal members, dozens of leading electronics companies and more than 1,000 dedicated authors and experts.
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