Elektor Bestseller: 3D Printing and Autodesk 123D Design

April 26, 2016 | 15:10
Kick-off guide to making things at home
Kick-off guide to making things at home
3D printing is rapidly gaining popularity and has reached the point where you can now use 3D printing technologies at home! Like many people interested in this new advance in technology, you might not know where to begin.

Elektor is now providing the solution to all enthusiasts eager to begin using 3D printing with the book 3D Printing and Autodesk 123D Design. This easy-to-follow book covers all the basics you need to know to begin making your own unique 3D-printed designs. The entire process of “ideas-to-things” is explained, so all you need to start is your curiosity and imagination!

3D Printing and Autodesk 123D Design begins by explaining the main concepts of 3D printing, covering the production process, modeling applications, and the available 3D printers and services, among others. Next, it expands on the first steps in designing models from developing concepts to using 3D data in 123D Design software.

This book also includes several projects that you can use to practice your 3D printing skills, beginning with easier projects, like designing a mug, to more difficult ones that require multiple steps and parts, such as a chair.

Finally, you are ready to print! The last two chapters are dedicated to teach you about the printing process at home, or 3D services you may opt to use, in turning your ideas into tangible products. After completing the book, you will be prepared to develop your own innovative designs!

Check out the free 41-page preview to ensure that this book is exactly what you want it to be.
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