In Elektor Business 5/2018, we present wide range of articles on microcontrollers and programming, as well as topics such as benchmarking IC development, developing safety-critical embedded systems, vehicle emissions monitoring, and machine vision. We also share insights from thought leaders about exciting trends and developments in the electronics industry. Read the issue now.  

Microcontrollers and Innovation

Microcontrollers are key components in many of the electronic products we use every day, including consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial manufacturing equipment, robots, smart buildings, and medical devices. In this issue, we consider microcontrollers and embedded systems in the context of the ever-expanding Internet of Things.​ 
Elektor Business 5/2018 Microcontrollers
Elektor Business 5/2018

We kick things off with a short reintroduction to microcontroller technology. In “What’s a Microcontroller?” I describe the differences between microcontrollers and microprocessors and clarify
some common misconceptions about these amazing devices. 

We also include an informative article about effective security tactics at the microcontroller level. Mouser’s Mark Patrick explains why you cannot rely exclusively on software-based security solutions to protect your Internet-connected devices. Microcontroller security is essential.

If you work with microcontrollers on a regular basis, you’ll want to check out some of Arrow Electronics’s development boards and kits, as well as the Arrow Certificate Program. Check out our interview
with Christian Reuter to learn how Arrow is helping entrepreneurial engineers and to learn about some innovative new products.

Beyond Microcontrollers 

As with past editions of Elektor Business, we cover a wide variety of topics in this issue. We include an interesting article about surface micromachining techniques for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices. You can use such devices with microcontrollers to develop innovative products.

Have you ever thought about running your own embedded systems consulting company? If so, check out engineer Piotr Król’s article on the topic. He provides several useful tips for anyone interested
in starting their own company.

Interested in learning about the new technologies engineers are using in aerospace applications? Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio covers recent advances in fast data converters that are intended for use in space applications.

In addition to an informative Operation Marketing article by Flavio Stiffan, we also present several in-depth interviews with electronics industry thought leaders, including Sam Cece (Swift Sensors),
Pim Tuyls (Intrinsic ID), Pete Smith (TE Connectivity), and others.

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