Elektor Business Magazine (EBM) offers innovators, electronics engineers and startup companies, essential information and insights into the latest products, research and intelligence from the industry. EBM Edition 5/2017 for October and November has a focus on IoT & Industry 4.0.  
In good tradition EBM includes regulars like Our Business (in this edition: Loetronics, Aachen), Jumpstart, Infographics and Operation Marketing (in this instalment: Are we becoming IoT dependent?). Among the industry-supplied articles are established names like congatec, National Instruments, IBM Germany, Nabto, and Nokia, all contributing to your knowledge base.

This edition of Elektor Business Magazine at a glance:

Decentralized Intelligence in the Age of Industry 4.0
The technological implementation of Industry 4.0, i.e. the continuous digital alignment of industrial processes, has begun. Future systems demand intelligent networking right down to the field level. To achieve this goal sensors and actuators require two things: intelligence in the form of microcontrollers along with corresponding interfaces, to allow communication with one another and with higher levels of the process planes.
Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT: From Interoperability to Cognitive Concepts
Whether the aim is to achieve vertical integration of machines over the cloud or horizontally using the supplier’s network, or to optimize a product performance throughout its life-cycle, organizations are sure to benefit from the IoT in terms of improved processes, product quality and interoperability.
Smart Cities Including… Very Smart Bus Shelters
For a long time bus shelters have remained virtually unchanged. Typically, they have provided a sitting area that can be used while awaiting transportation, as well as shelter from the elements and static advertising for both those waiting and passing by. But traditional bus shelters are quickly becoming obsolete. New technologies and applications are now being used that enable bus shelters to be much more.
Baseboard Design for SMARC 2.0
So you have a good idea, but you can’t implement it because it would be too much for a small microcontroller? Does your idea need performance horsepower to get your application up and running? This article describes the typical factors to be considered and steps to be taken so that youridea can take the driver’s seat in a computer-onmodule (COM) design and make it to the podium.
Energy Harvesting for Low-power Devices
The impact of energy harvesting could be economically huge and, more importantly, it could be massive for the environment. Consequently we must start thinking about how to best protect and preserve it. Environmental energy is naturally occurring both at massive scale and infinitesimally small; the technologies have been widely and efficiently disseminated.
Synchronous IoT Remote Control
Access to and control of IoT device data can happen via various methods, the best known of which is the asynchronous “big data” IoT approach. This article is about the lesser known synchronous “real-time” operation.
Narrowband-IoT: Pushing the Boundaries of IoT
This article aims at giving technical decision-makers an overview of NB-IoT, the communications technology that will underpin industrial-grade internet of things deployments.
5G — It’s Not Here yet, but Closer than You Think
The wireless communications community has had a busy year — from progress made on the standardization process and essential updates communicated from regulatory bodies, to gaining understanding of the channel for newly proposed millimetre wave (mmWave) frequencies and technologies under development that will turn 5G into a commercial reality, anticipation for 5G is at an all-time high.
Global Development Trends in Embedded and Internet of Things Technology
The focus of this article is to help solve some key design issues when using photodiodes for precision measurements. It discusses how to interface photodiodes with current-to-voltage amplifiers, and ADCs, and how to use programmable gains for applications which require a very high dynamic range.

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