In this special pre-Embedded World episode of Elektor Engineering Insights, Stuart Cording receives three guests: Bharath Koppa from Tasking, Ulderico Arcidiaco from Sfera Labs and Fabio Tranchitella from

Automotive Cyber Security

With Bharath Koppa from Tasking, a supplier of safe and cyber-secure software, and embedded software development tools for safety applications in the automotive field, Stuart talks about freedom from interference in AUTOSAR applications.

Engineering Insights on Open Hardware in Industrial Applications

Stuart’s second guest is Ulderico Arcidiaco from Sfera Labs with whom he discusses open technology for industrial systems. Sfera Labs develops hardware mostly based on open platforms or widely available platforms like Raspberry Pi and Aarduino. They surround these systems with the electronics needed to be used safely and reliably in an industrial environment.

IoT Device Firmware Updates

Fabio Tranchitella from is Stuart Cording’s third guest and together they treat the problem of keeping IoT device firmware updated. is an open-source end-to-end solution to implement over-the-air (OtA) updates for embedded devices. With it you can update all the software running on your IoT devices ranging from full system updates to application updates.


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