The Internet of Things — both the concept and all the connected "things" — is everywhere. The IoT and its ramifications (positive and negative) are hot topics in engineering labs, in university lecture halls, at governmental hearings, and beyond. For these reasons, we focus on the IoT in the May/June 2022 edition of Elektor.  
Elektor May/June 2020 (IoT)

Inside the May/June 2022 Edition

In addition to the IoT, the May/June edition features in-depth articles on a wide variety of topics. Take a look.
  • Your First Steps with an ESP32-C3 and the IoT: A Wi-Fi Button and Relay
  • Narrowband Internet of Things: Standards, Coverage, Agreements, and Modules
  • IoT Cloud a la Arduino: Convenient Solution for Application Developers
  • The Challenges in Bringing IoT Solutions to Market
Elektor May/June 2020 (IoT) TOC
  • Dragino LPS8 Indoor Gateway: Speedy LoRaWAN Gateway Setup
  • LoRa GPS Tracker Update: Receive and Show Location Using a Raspberry Pi
  • CO2 Guard: A DIY Approach to Monitoring Air Quality
  • Reducing the Power Consumption of Your Mole Repeller: An ATtiny13 Replaces a 555
  • Light Switch DeLux
CO2 guard
  • Explore ATtiny Microcontrollers Using C and Assembly Language
  • Dual Geiger-Müller Tube Arduino Shield
  • Circuit Simulation with TINA Design Suite & TINACloud
  • The WinUI Graphics Framework for Windows Apps
  • GUIs with Python: Worst GUI of the World
  • Off-Grid Solar Systems: Electrical Energy Independent of the Mains Grid
  • Infographics: Facts and Figures About the Internet of Things
  • Tips for Developing a 1 Gbit/s Interface in an Industrial Environment
esp32 may june 2022 elektor
  • Bringing Real-Time Object Detection to MCUs with Edge Impulse FOMO
  • MonkMakes Air Quality Kit for Raspberry Pi 
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Welcome to the Diode
  • Tips & Tricks for Testing Components
  • Peculiar Parts: Traveling-Wave Tubes
  • Hexadoku: The Original Elektorized Sudoku
  • From Life’s Experience: Assembly Line Work
  • Ethics: The 10-Year Smartphone

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