Last year was not easy for any of us. But now that it is becoming possible that the pandemic could be overcome in this new year, we can all look to 2021 and the future with optimism. Perhaps this prospect will even be the impetus for creativity and entirely new ideas. I used the free time that I gained during the lockdown to make progress with my hobby — a video studio for DJs. I plan to add one or two electronic controls in 2021: a Raspberry Pi, an ESP32 board, and maybe a dash of artificial intelligence will play a role. 
Happy New Year 2021!

Perhaps you feel the same way I do? Did you find time during the COVID-19 lockdowns to finally realize a new project idea? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know in this new year! Use the Elektor Labs platform to create a project this week and describe in a few lines what you are planning or have already developed. I'm almost certain that a like-minded engineer or maker will quickly reach out to you in 2021 with a question about your project or details about how they tackled something similar.

Just like in the past, our editors in 2021 will quickly review and select what might be suitable for publication in our magazine. Whether you submit an article via email or through the mail, an editor from our team will follow up with you and look after your article proposal. Let’s develop together!

On behalf of Elektor and the editorial team, I wish you and your family a happy, successful, and, above all, healthy New Year 2021!


Jens Nickel (Elektor)

Jens Nickel
Elektor Editor in Chief

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