The last digital-only special edition of Elektor Industry magazine ("Components and Assembly Methods"is ready. You might remember that it has been our intention to create a digital bridge between manufacturers and distributors on the one hand and you as electronics professionals on the other. In this way, we have kept you informed about technological innovations from the industry during the past few “fair-free” months. This edition is free to download
Components and Assembly Edition

Inside the "Components and Assembly Methods" Edition

Want an update about semiconductor industry innovation? Interested in embedded programming? Curious about ESD and why protection is essential? Would you like to know more about 5G/4G LTE modules, modems, and smart apps? In this edition of Elektor Industry, we cover the following subjects and more: 
  • Beyond Moore’s Law: Innovation without recourse to Moore’s Law
  • Minimizing Energy Consumption in Capacitive Sensing Applications
  • Peaktech 2715 Digital Loop/PSC Tester: Safety first!
  • High-Voltage DC/DC Converter: HV-DC/DC designs and multiphase LLC resonant converters
  • What Is ESD?
  • PCB Layout and Noise Coupling: CISPR and EMC considerations
  • Extremely Small Power-saving 3D Magnetic Sensor
  • 5G/4G LTE Modules, Innovative Modems, and Smart Applications
  • Embedded Programming and Beyond: An interview with Warren Gay

Editor's note: You can also access all the episodes of our new webinar series with professionals from the industry, independent developers, and journalists from the field. We are currently planning a new webinar to coincide with this issue, “Components and Assembly Methods,” which will take place in late September. Until then, have fun reading!

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