These are challenging times. Since late last year, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the electronics industry. In the July 2020 edition of Elektor Industry ("Electronics in Challenging Times"), we investigate how various companies and organizations are managing the situation. In addition to reviewing the effects of the crisis, we highlight some of the positive industry-specific developments and innovations that have emerged over the past few months. We also provide business insights from executives and engineers, including Eben Upton (Founder, Raspberry Pi), Ryan Cousins (CEO, krtkl), Markus Strecker (CEO, Teiimo), and Falk Senger (Managing Director, Messe München). This edition is free to download. 
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Inside the "Electronics in Challenging Times" Edition

Curious how top electronics industry companies and organizations are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis? Interested in how e-ffwd alum Teiimo is adapting its award-winning technology? Want to know how to use rigid-flex board? The July 2020 edition of Elektor Industry magazine is an excellent starting point. We cover the following topics and more:
  • "Electronics Innovation in Turbulent Times" (C. J. Abate, Elektor)
  • "Industry and Community Respond to Coronavirus" (Stuart Cording, Elektor)
  • "How Raspberry Pi Is Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis" (Q&A with Eben Upton - Founder/CEO, Raspberry Pi)
  • "krtkl’s Cofounder on Developing Hardware in Turbulent Times" (Q&A with Ryan Cousins - Cofounder/CEO, krtkl)
  • "A Focus on Driving Sustainable Progress" (Q&A with Falk Senger - Managing Director, Messe München)
  • "From Award-Winning Start-Up to Scale Up: How an e-ffwd Alum Is Attacking the COVID-19 Crisis with a Wearable" (Q&A with Markus Strecker - CEO, Teiimo)
  • "Advantages and Uses of Rigid-Flex PCB" (PCBWay)
  • Elektor Helps: "Give Your Products Center Stage! (Erik Jansen, Elektor)
  • Industry Spotlight (COVID Edition): Tech Companies Step Up
  • Industry & Product News: Nordic Semiconductor, SCHURTER, XP Power, congatec, Imagination Technologies, Microchip Technology, and Honeywell

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This free edition of Elektor Industry magazine ("Electronics in Challenging Times") is available as part of the Elektor Helps initiative. The COVID-19 crisis has affected engineers, students, and companies in many different ways. Under the label of "Elektor Helps," we have opened up our platforms to assit and support members of the global electronics community. Learn more 
Electronics in Challenging Times