Whether you hit the workbench or relax at a beach in your free time this summer, don't forget to take Elektor July/August 2021 with you. We deliver exciting MCU-based design projects, handy analyses of important subjects (e.g., RISC-V and ESD), and fun favorites like Elektor's Hexadoku.
Elektor July/August 2021

New Summer Projects

Elektor July/August 2021 includes articles and projects on a wide variety of topics, from Raspberry Pi Pico-based applications to magnetic levitation to MicroPython for the ESP32. With so many in-depth articles at your fingertips, you will have plenty of engineering solutions to consider during your summer holiday. In addition, as part of our 60th anniversary celebration, we take a look at some of the most interesting "summer circuits" from the past six decades.   
Elektor July/August 2021 Table of Contents
Inside Elektor July/August 2021
Take a look at the Elektor July/August 2021.

Inside Elektor July/August 2021

Here is what you will find in Elektor July/August 2021:
  • LoRa with the Raspberry Pi Pico: Fun with MicroPython
  • What Is RISC-V?
  • Elektor @ 60 Circuits of Summer Past
  • Versatile Power Supply for Breadboards: Positive and Negative Voltages Out of 5 V from USB
  • Raspberry Pi Pico Essentials (Sample Chapter): Wi-Fi with the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Magnetic Levitation the Easy Way
  • Hands On the Parallax Propeller 2 (Part 3): Smart Pins and Serial Data (UART)
  • Nucleo Boards Programming with the STM32CubeIDE (Sample Chapter): FreeRTOS for the STM32 MCU
  • Developer's Zone: Tips & Tricks, Best Practices and Other Useful Information
  • Miniware DT71 Digital Tweezers
  • Wearable Wi-Fi Gadget:ESPHome Does the Job Again!
  • Starting out in Electronics: Easier Than Imagined! This Concludes the Subject of “Capacitors”
  • Simple Sketches Using the Qwiic Ecosystem
  • Java on the Raspberry Pi (Part 2): Controlling GPIOs with a Spring REST Service
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4: A Raspberry Pi for Industry
  • Portable, Stand-Alone Air Quality Display for 2.5 µm Particles
  • From Life’s Experience: The Future Was Better in the Past
  • MicroPython for the ESP32 and Friends (Part 1): Installation and Our First Programs
  • Charge-Coupled Devices in Oscilloscopes: Peculiar Parts, the series
  • ESD – The Invisible Destroyer: Components Trashed by a Bolt from the Blue
  • Solar Power for Mowing Robots: Ecological, Inexpensive, Simple!
  • Europe’s Efforts to Tame Big Tech
  • Hexadoku The Original Elektorized Sudoku

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