Each year, Elektor receives dozens of IoT-related projects and article proposals. Available now, the 2023 edition includes tips for building an IoT display, instructions for developing applications with the Thing Plus Matter Board, a DIY GPS-based speed monitor project, and much more. Enjoy!
Elektor July/Aug 2023 - IoT and Sensors
Elektor July/August 2023
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Inside Elektor July/August 2023

The Elektor community includes pro engineers, newbie EE/ECE students, and everyone in between. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: a passion for the IoT and sensor-related design solutions. The July/August 2023 edition of Elektor Mag includes articles, engineering tips, technical insights on those subjects and more.
  • Is Matter the Thread to Save the Smart Home?
  • Build a Cool IoT Display with the Phambili Newt
  • Rotary Dial Phone as Remote Control
  • GPS-Based Speed Monitor
  • The HB100 Doppler Motion Sensor: Theory and Practice
Elektor TOC July Aug 202
Table of Contents - Elektor July/August 2023
  • RGB Stroboscope with Arduino
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Follow the Emitter
  • Arbitrary, Independent Hysteresis Levels for Comparators
  • ESP32-Based Impedance Analyzer: Simple, Low-Part-Count, and Inexpensive!
  • HomeLab Tours: Encouraging DIY
  • The MCCAB Arduino Nano Training Board
  • From Life’s Experience: Modern Luddism
  • Sensor 101: The DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
  • Wireless Emergency Push Button: Enhanced Safety with LoRa
GPS speed monitor
GPS-based speed monitor
  • A Matter of Collaboration: Developing with the Thing Plus Matter Board and Simplicity Studio
  • Infographics: IoT and Sensors
  • Matter, ExpressLink, Rainmaker — What Is This All About?
  • Selecting Microcontroller Dev Kits for IoT and IIoT Applications: An Introductory Guide
  • Capacitors Do Not Always Behave Capacitively!
  • An NTP Clock with CircuitPython
lora weather station - Elektor IoT edition
LoRa weather station
  • A Bare-Metal Programming Guide (Part 1): For STM32 and Other Controllers
  • Siglent SDM3045X Multimeter
  • Low-Power LoRa Weather Station
  • AI Horror, AI Fun
  • Microcontroller Documentation Explained (Part 3): Block Diagrams and More
  • Transverter for the 70 cm Band
  • Climate Calling Engineers: Move Fast and Fix Things​
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