IoT- and sensor-related solutions are revolutionizing the electronics industry by enabling smart, interconnected systems. These technologies facilitate real-time data collection and analysis, which improves efficiency and decision-making across multiple sectors. As a result, the demand for IoT and sensor integration will continue to surge in the coming months and years. In the July/August 2024 edition of ElektorMag, we dive deep into IoT and sensors. We present innovative DIY electronics projects and insightful background articles on various subjects: adding a water meter to the IoT, using AWS IoT ExpressLink, insights about 4G and 5G, a handy thermal imaging solution, a DIY GMS alarm project, water leak detection, IoT retrofitting, and much more. (Visit our IoT & Sensors page for much more content, including a free Bonus edition!)
ElektorMag July/August 2024 IoT and sensors
Interested in IoT and sensors? Check out ElektorMag July/August 2024.

Inside Elektor July/August 2024

If you’re looking for detailed articles about IoT solutions and sensor-related technologies, the July/August 2024 edition of ElektorMag is for you. Let’s take a closer look at the content in the magazine.
Elektor july/aug 2024 Table of Contents - IoT and sensors
  • Small Thermal Imaging Camera: An Arduino UNO-Based DIY Solution
  • Project Update #3: ESP32-Based Energy Meter: Integration and Testing with Home Assistant
  • 2024: An AI Odyssey: Enhancing Object Detection: Integrating Refined Techniques
  • Raspberry Pi Goes AI: New Kit Incorporates M.2 HAT+ With AI Accelerator
  • Weather Station Sensors: Which One Should You Choose?
  • AI-Based Water Meter Reading (1): Get Your Old Meter Onto the IoT!
  • A GSM Alarm: Harnessing GSM Technology for Remote Garage Safety
july aug 2024 water leak detector
Water leak detector project
  • AWS for Arduino and Co. (1): Using AWS IoT ExpressLink in Real Life
  • Airflow Detector Using Arduino Only: No External Sensors Needed!
  • Water Leak Detector: Connected to Arduino Cloud
  • Universal Garden Logger: A Step Towards AI Gardening
  • Analog 1 kHz Generator: Sine Waves with Low Distortion
  • Low-Power Thread Devices Optimized and Scrutinized
  • From 4G to 5G: Is It Such an Easy Step?
Small Thermal Imaging Camera July Aug 2024
Small thermal imaging camera
  • DIY Cloud Chamber: Making Invisible Radiation Visible
  • SparkFun Thing Plus Matter: A Versatile Matter-Based IoT Development Board
  • Starting Out in Electronics: Balances Out
  • Technology Drives Sustainability
  • From Life’s Experience: The Gender Gap
  • Crystals: Peculiar Parts, the Series
  • Miletus: Using Web Apps Offline
  • IoT Retrofitting: Making RS-232 Devices Fit for Industry 4.0
  • Enabling IoT with 8-Bit MCUs

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