Elektor Magazine 3/2018 now on sale -- print or download

April 18, 2018 | 10:28
Elektor Magazine 3/2018 now on sale -- print or download
Elektor Magazine 3/2018 now on sale -- print or download
Depending on their location, Elektor GOLD members may already have received their copy of Elektor Magazine edition 3/2018 covering May and June. This news item is to announce that the new edition is also available for non-members to purchase. You can either choose to get your copy in print, posted directly to your door completely free of charge, or purchase the digital edition (PDF). Elektor Magazine is not available from bookstores or kiosks.

The contents in alphanumerical order
  • 10-MHz Reference
  • 3-Way Display Alarm
  • About Battery Chargers, Choices and Electronic Designers
  • Acoustics, GUI and Fingerprints.
  • Arduino board provides serial/USB adapter
  • Close-to-Universal IR Remote Control
  • CPLD Breakout Board in DIL Format
  • electronica Fast Forward 2018
  • Elektor Connexions
  • Elektor Labs Pipeline
  • EMC Limit Values and CE Declaration
  • Err-lectronics
  • Everything (almost) everything you need to know about… Bluetooth.
  • Floranium
  • For programmable logic projects.
  • Hexadoku
  • Homelab Helicopter
  • LoRa Telemetry Projects
  • Ltank Lego Robot
  • My Tiny Radio
  • Our Vulnerable Digital Society
  • PAM8302A Audio Amplifier
  • Scrolling Message Display
  • Simple LC Meter
  • Struggling with LED Snake Lights
  • The Connected Greenhouse
  • The Elektor Mini Counter
  • The NXP Cup 2018
  • The SN76477
  • Universal I2C Bus Isolator and Level Shifter
  • VFD-tube Clock with ESP32

Elektor GOLD and GREEN Members are entitled to download the completely identical online version, i.e. all 132 pages, front to back, here. An Elektor membership is required to download individual articles.
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