Elektor Magazine edition 6/2016 available in print and online

October 18, 2016 | 14:00
Elektor Magazine edition 6/2016 available in print and online
Elektor Magazine edition 6/2016 available in print and online
Elektor’s final edition of the year is now here for your enjoyment. This edition is, as ever, available for you to purchase online or in print — if you chose to receive your copy in print you can receive it direct to your door at no shipping cost. GOLD and GREEN Elektor members can download their identical PDF version here.
This edition is packed with interesting articles, reviews and projects for your interest and enjoyment. One of our recommendations is one of our LABS projects: the Elektor mbed interface. This article delves in to the world of the extended open source library together with free online code editor and compiler suite made available by ARM as a fast prototyping platform. The project looks at the uses and options available when using the mbed enabled hardware, and looks at what can else you can do with it to add to your own design. 
There is also another exciting LABS project looking at a Wireless Power Converter. This article presents a pair of modules for high-efficiency wireless power transfers with a maximum capacity of 50 watts over distances up to a few centimetres. This project promotes the current special price we have available for this kit exclusively for Elektor community members! We want you to try out this promising technology and let us know what you think. 
Also featured is an in-depth article (Door Spy using Raspberry Pi) that looks at software enabling you to communicate with a visitor to your home using your Smartphone! It's all very well using an intercom to see who is at your front door when you are at your home, but what if you are not there? With the project presented here you can, in principle, see from anywhere in the world who has rung your doorbell, have a conversation with your visitor and even open the door for them — all from your smartphone. Not one to be missed.
As well as all of this, there is the usual array of articles, reviews, projects and of course the celebrated Retronics pages to peak your interest, creativity and imagination. We have all our updates and news stories to keep you up to date with the world of Elektor, and we are sure you will enjoy it! 
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