Elektor Presents New Raspberry Pi Book

December 2, 2014 | 14:13
Elektor Presents New Raspberry Pi Book
Elektor Presents New Raspberry Pi Book

Building on the success of Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects aimed at beginners, in his new book called Raspberry Pi Advanced Programming Dogan Ibrahim now challenges the more advanced electronics engineer.

This book is about higher level programming of the Raspberry Pi computer using the Python programming language. Dogan kicks off by introducing the Raspberry Pi computer and covering topics like purchasing the necessary accessories and installing and operating the Linux operating system in Command Mode. The network interface of the RPi is explained in simple steps, demonstrating how the computer can be accessed remotely from a desktop or a laptop computer.

The remaining parts of the book cover the Python programming language in detail, including advanced topics such as operating system calls, multitasking, interprocess synchronization and interprocess communication techniques. The crucial topic of network programming using UDP and TCP protocols is described with working examples. Dogan describes the Tkinter graphical user interface module (GUI) in detail with example widgets and programs.

The closing section of the book includes hardware projects founded on advanced programming topics such as multitasking and interprocess communication techniques. All the projects given in the book have been fully tested and are working. Complete program listings of all projects are provided with detailed explanations.

Raspberry Pi Advanced Programming (358 pages) is available for only £39.95 / € 44.95 / $61.00 (plus shipping). Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members take advantage of a 10% discount.

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