Elektor’s July & August 2015 edition is now available

June 23, 2015 | 09:23
Elektor’s July & August 2015 edition is now available
Elektor’s July & August 2015 edition is now available
Elektor’s July & August 2015 edition is now available for purchase either as a printed magazine or as a front-to-back pdf document. With free shipping for the printed magazine, it can be sent directly to you for no cost at all. The completely identical online version is available for instant download by GOLD and GREEN members here.

Edition 4/2015 continues to boast the same fully re-styled content of the previous editions, so you will still be able to see the improved graphics density and utilize our LEARN, SHARE, DESIGN pillars. Our Content, however, is as original as always and includes Labs Projects and Readers projects, as well as courses, reviews, and Retronics. Plenty to keep you entertained!

Highlights of this edition include the first part of the PIC Assembler Crash Course, a course based on the customary mix of theory and practice that will bring you up to speed with the Assembler, as well as information about our brand new Audio T-board. We have extended our collection of T-boards so this article will reflect on analog circuitry that can be built on a breadboard with a small power amplifier and a built-in speaker.

This edition will also bring you the 12 Key Capacitive Keyboard that will show you how to use software to do a better job of capacitive sensing, and a SmartScope Review that will tell you all you need to know about SmartScope as a Multi-Platform Measuring Instrument both in theory and in practice.

For those who want some more variety, this edition also contains a Solar Panel Voltage Converter for IoT Devices, a VFD Shield for Arduino, an Android I/O Board and a Raspberry Pi Wobbulator. And of course we have included all of our updates and news stories to peak your interest and keep you in the loop of what’s going on here at Elektor.

Since November 2014, the English edition of Elektor is not available from newsagents, kiosks and bookstores. Printed copies of edition 4/2015 (covering July & August 2015) can be ordered directly from the Elektor Store at no charge for P&P, until the publication edition 5/2015 comes out. 
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