It’s that time again – the March and April 2017 edition of Elektor magazine is now available online and for purchase! You can get your printed copy posted direct to your door with no shipping costs at all, or the completely identical online version is available for instant download by GOLD and GREEN members here.

This issue is packed full or things to keep you entertained, notably the RGB Digit Clock. This project looks at a colorful 7-segment display, and uses the BME280 BoB to see how the time, temperature, humidity and air pressure can all be cheerfully displayed on a clock.

Another exciting project featured in this edition is the OBD2 Handheld using a Raspberry Pi, with new diagnostic software. The Pi-OBD-HAT is an off the shelf add-on board for the Raspberry Pi which converts the tiny computer into a dedicated OBD2 diagnostic tool. One disadvantage was the need of a terminal program running on a PC for control. A much more convenient and neater solution is provided by the HHGui OBD2 diagnostic software.
As if that’s not enough to keep you busy, another exciting project included in this article is the Ethernet on the Android I/O Board using a USR-TCP232-T module – exploring the way an Android I/O board can be connected to a wired Ethernet network.

Also included, an exciting article exploring Micropython. Micropython is a powerful programming language derived from Python but that fits in a mere 256 KB code space and 16 KB RAM, permitting it to be used on microcontrollers and other embedded systems with limited resources.

This 2nd edition of 2017 includes the usual array of projects, articles and reviews for you to read through, as well as a flood of projects, Retronics and Labs. So get your copy today to enjoy it all in the comfort of your own home.

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