Elektor's May 2012 Edition on Sale Now

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor's May 2012 Edition on Sale Now
Elektor's May 2012 Edition on Sale Now

Did you ever wonder where Elektor gets its projects from month after month? Watch this video to find out. Doing so you will also discover parts of the contents of the new May 2012 edition.


Here is the table of contents for the latest edition of Elektor:


Embedded World 2012
The RL78 Green Energy Challenge has begun
Embedded Linux Made Easy (1)
Platino Controlled by LabVIEW (1)
Preamplifier 2012 (2)
Lossless Load
Inside Pico C-Super
Mounting nixie tubes
Minty Geek’s Mark Brickley
Electronics for Starters (5)
AVR Software Defined Radio (3)
Component Tips: MOSFETs + extras
Energy Monitor
SHT11 Humidity Sensor Connected to PC
Retronics: Elektor Logic Analyser (1981)
Gerard's Columns: Reliability



The May 2012 edition is on sale now in our web shop and in your local bookshop or newsstand.


Elektor PLUS members can download their digital copy from the Elektor Plus website (third link below).

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