Eurocircuits have announced the introduction of their new fast & competitively priced DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool service. This is another step forward in their continued drive to provide Electronic Designers with the right solutions and services to make their products the best and most cost effective available.
Internet of Things (IoT) has become a standard within our daily lives. Electronics engineers developing IoT devices must interface them with other IoT devices as well the “net”. Many of these connections are based on 50Ω characteristic and 90Ω differential impedance transmission lines.

The DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool service was introduced to help these IoT designers bring their products to market quicker and at a more cost effective price. It is based on 4, 6 and 8 layer builds and uses one material with a guaranteed dielectric constant (εr). As a leading European manufacturer of Prototype and Small Series PCB’s Eurocircuits continues to develop it’s free to use online verification tools, the PCB Visualizer & PCBA Visualizer.
These tools are helping designers to achieve “Right First Time for Manufacture” layouts and therefore, reducing the critical time to market for new products. The introduction of the DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool services uses these tools to define the correct Track and Gap required for specific impedance values via their online calculator. An impressive addition to their online PCB Visualizer verification tools.

DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool has a standard delivery term of 5 working days and as such aligns with all other Eurocircuits’ pooling services. These recently have been switched to 5WD standard delivery term at the same price as the previous 7WD. PCB proto is the exception to and offers a standard delivery term of 3WD. Eurocircuits’ offer an impressive wide range of technological options for “order” pooling” services and this continues to grow and is delivered faster than ever before.