European Energy Review Revitalized as Elektor Energy

September 30, 2016 | 00:00
Contact person: Johan Dijk
Contact person: Johan Dijk
European Energy Review has joined forces with Elektor and will continue as Elektor Energy per October 1, 2016. Elektor Energy combines the expert knowledge of energy policy and markets of EER, with Elektor's 55 years of experience in all things electronics and its large community of innovators, start-ups and engineers.

Elektor Energy focuses on the transition to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system. At the core of the energy transition is technology. Whether it is an engineer's dream to turn Frankfurt into a city-sized storage facility, or research institutions driving innovation in efficient and affordable solar energy storage, without green tech, no low-carbon economy.

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EER joins Elektor to be fully plugged in into the world of innovation and technology. Technology, however, does not emerge in a void. It needs to be fostered through policy frameworks and sustained by markets. That is where EER's expertise and knowledge of energy policy and markets comes in. That is Elektor Energy.

Become a partner
Elektor Energy offers companies and organizations various ways to reach out to a unique and growing European and worldwide community of energy stakeholders who are active in business, government, NGO’s, consultancy and research organizations.

Elektor Energy actively seeks long-term cooperation with Strategic Partners. We are aware that partners look for long-term relationships with reputable media that offer them possibilities to engage with energy stakeholders and pursue networking opportunities.

Mr Johan DijkFor further information and a tailor made offer, please contact:
Mr Johan Dijk

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