GreatScott!, the renowned DIY electronics YouTuber, talks about his passion for electronics, his background, and his project selection process. Whether you're a seasoned pro engineer or a newbie maker looking for inspiration, the interview has something for everyone!

Q&A with GreatScott!

Did you miss the March 27 live broadcast? Don't worry, you can watch the full video here. Brian Tristam Williams from Elektor had the chance to talk to GreatScott!, the renowned DIY electronics YouTuber. Together, they explore his journey into the electronics world, sharing valuable insights and offering advice to aspiring makers. Known for demystifying complex electronics concepts through his engaging YouTube content, GreatScott! has become a very successful Youtube content creator, with almost two million subscribers at the time of writing.

From his initial fascination with mathematics and physics, to moving towards Electric Power Engineering and subsequently electronics, Scott’s journey is a fascinating example of finding one's passion. He discusses the influence of early electronics YouTubers like Dave Jones from the EEVBlog on his career, highlighting how community feedback has shaped his project selection process, emphasizing the importance of creating content that resonates with and inspires the viewer.

The interview also ventures into the practical aspects of content creation, from the essential tools and equipment for DIY projects to the challenges of making a living on YouTube. Scott shares behind-the-scenes insights into his collaboration with Elektor on the DIY LiPo Supercharger Kit, which is an interesting example of bringing a project from concept to market.

GreatScott! also gives numerous tips to aspiring makers, from staying motivated to the significance of organizing one's workspace for productivity. We were lucky enough to witness some great interaction between Scott, Brian and the viewers, with great participation in the Q&A chat. Check out the video below:

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