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Farewell varicap, hello DuNE

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Farewell varicap, hello DuNE
Farewell varicap, hello DuNE

Peregrine Semiconductor’s new 5-bit 32-state DuNE™ DTCs are claimed to improve RF performance by offering tunability to applications ranging from filter banks to impedance matching networks. Peregrine DTCs also offer high power handling while meeting excellent harmonic and linearity requirements. Both SPI Compatible (3-wire) and I2C Compatible (2-wire) control interfaces versions are available.


The SPI-compatible device type PE64904 is a 5-bit 32-state Digitally Tunable Capacitor for a frequency range of 100-3000 MHz.


Product Features:

  • Series configuration C = 0.7-4.6 pF (6.6:1 tuning ratio) in discrete 126 fF steps

  • Shunt configuration C = 1.2-5.1 pF (4.6:1 tuning ratio) in discrete 131 fF steps

  • High RF power handling : (>+38 dBm @ 50 Ω, 30 Vpk RF) and linearity

  • Wide power supply range (2.3-3.6 V) and low current consumption (typ. 140 μA at 2.6 V)

  • 3-wire (SPI compatible) Serial Interface with built-in bias voltage generation and ESD

  • Exceptional 2 kV HBM ESD tolerance on all pins


Applications include tunable filters networks, tunable antennas, RFID tunable matching networks, phase shifters, and wireless communications.

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