Five Zlatý Amper winners announced at AMPER trade fair

April 3, 2018 | 00:15
Five Zlatý Amper winners announced at AMPER trade fair
Five Zlatý Amper winners announced at AMPER trade fair
This year, the 26th year of the AMPER trade fair traditional Zlatý Amper awards (the Golden Amper) were held. The trade fair took place in modern exhibition grounds in Brno, Czech Republic.The award is given to the best and most beneficial products competitive world wide that were presented at the fair by various companies. Among winners there were ABB, B+R automatizace, Endress+Hauser Czech, EnergyCloud, Rittal Czech and ZEZ SILKO.

ABB won an award for its Manufacturing Operations Management software, which is the comprehensive software that organises production processes and integrates manufacturing with the economy of the enterprise. This fully integrated MOM software includes production control systems (DCS) or ERP systems, and with the implementation of MOM customers of ABB can achieve around 10-20% increase on average in OEE. Customers can also see a 9% reduction in value for unfinished production through efficient planning.

Another Amper award winner was the Endress+Hauser Czech division, with its Thermometer iTHERM TrustSens TM371, which is an automatic thermometer calibration right in the process thanks to an integrated ceramic standard. Its long-term stability is related to the Curie temperature, which is given by the composition of the material and is unchanged during its lifetime. If the temperature the thermometer drops below the Curie temperature, the ceramic material will change its properties and send a signal to the transmitter. From this you can compare the signal from the measuring Pt100 particle with the certified value of temperature. Each calibration is created with a record that is written directly to the thermometer head, and has the ability to print pre-set calibration protocols corresponding to FDA requirements.The company received the award this year at AMPER and the product holds international certificates including EHEDG, FDA, ASME BPE, 3-A and more.

EnergyCloud were also amongst the winners at Amper to receive a Zlatý award for its Electric Storage Station EnergyCloud HOME, which is a project based on the principle of generating electricity from roofs of photovoltaic power plants and storing this energy into batteries for a later use.However, it offers the interconnection of a large number of decentralised local producers and energy consumers with one control system, making it an exceptional power grid as a virtual power plant, with nothing else like this.
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