EMSPROTO from Martillac, France, wants to revolutionize the production of PCBs by creating a special assembly line for prototypes or really small quantities only. The assembly of a prototype should not take more than six days from the moment the prototype is ordered online. Basically, a customer only needs to send the French company a BOM, a Gerber file and some additional files, like a pick & place file.

EMSPROTO takes care of ordering the relevant components, relying on its contacts with all main distributors.

By providing this service, electronics engineers can speed up the process of manufacturing PCBs significantly. Immediately after the assembly of the prototype shipment will be set in motion, guaranteeing delivery the next day (in Europe).

In practice, this means that a complete prototype is available within a week. The prototype resembles the real product 100%, apart from the changes that a customer would like to add afterwards. If so desired, EMSPROTO can assemble a second or third prototype, taking advantage of the same speedy process.

In any of these cases, the costs for prototyping are transparent. On the EMSPROTO website, the total costs for a prototype are shown within minutes. These costs are shown before ordering online in order to prevent unpleasant surprises.

EMSPROTO started its service in the summer of 2015, with ever growing success in the whole of Europe. For more information, see www.emsproto.com