The English company Solid State Disks Ltd has developed the FLOPPYFlash floppy drive emulator, which can be used as a direct replacement for outdated electromechanical floppy disk drives in legacy computer systems. FLOPPYFlash uses standard industrial CompactFlash memory cards as a replacement for diskette media.

With the same dimensions and threaded holes as a standard 3.5-inch drive and a standard 34-pin floppy disk drive connector, the FLOPPYFlash can be mounted in place of an old 3.5-inch drive. Fitted with an adapter, it is also suitable as a replacement for larger 5.25-inch and 8-inch floppy disk drives. FLOPPYFlash also supports 26-pin and 34-pin slim and Shugart floppy drive connections. The solid state drive only needs a 5 V supply voltage. The data transmission rate can be set from 125 Kb/s to 500 Kb/s, depending on the utilized coding method (FM, MFM or MMFM). The emulated track configuration is also programmable.

FLOPPYFlash is additionally available as a network station upgrade with a pre-programmed IP address. This model comes with the FLASH2GUI graphical user interface for drive control and configuration as well as backup and restore activities.