It’s no secret! Free webinar on Historic Cryptography

March 25, 2015 | 15:17
It’s no secret! Free webinar on Historic Cryptography
It’s no secret! Free webinar on Historic Cryptography

Cryptography is hotter than ever but few people are aware of its technical history. In this webinar jointly organized by Elektor and element14, presenters Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers will parade, discuss, and demo electronics devices involving some aspect of cryptography. It’s the first time Mark & Paul’s CryptoMuseum will be caught on microphone and camera.

The presentation covers historical as well as technological aspects of many forms of secret communications ranging from the WW2 Enigma to 1980s private mobile radio. Paul and Mark’s presentation is guaranteed to be lighthearted and filled with anecdotes about the large amount of cryptographic equipment they have amassed over many years.

As usual the presentation is followed by about 20 minutes of Q & A during which you can ask questions to the presenters and get live answers.

Participation is free to all; all you need is a PC, headphones or loudspeakers, and a reasonably fast Internet connection.

Event Info

Title: Elektor Retronics Presents: Hystoric Cryptography

Date: Thursday, 23 April 2015 T

ime: 4:00 pm CET (3:00 pm GMT)

Presenters: Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers

Show Host: Jan Buiting

Language: English

During the webinar, we’ll be giving away three copies of the book Retronics – 80 tales of electronics bygones! Sign up now and make sure you're present during the webinar: only then can you win this compilation of about 80 Retronics installments published in Elektor magazine!

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