Fundamental Amplifier Techniques book: same weight, lower price

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Fundamental Amplifier Techniques book: same weight, lower price
Fundamental Amplifier Techniques book: same weight, lower price

Elektor’s reference work on ‘tubed audio’ is about as thick as your 12AX7 / ECC83 tube is tall! A must-have for all tube fans and the growing circle of RAFs (retro-audio-aficionado’s), Rudolf Moers’ ‘magnum opus’ in 800+ page covers just about everything you need to know about the fundamentals of electron tubes and the way these wonderful devices were designed to function at their best in their best known application: the (now vintage) tube audio amplifier.


The aim of the book is to give the reader useful knowledge about electron tube technology in the application of audio amplifiers, including their power supplies, for the design and DIY construction of these electron tube amplifiers. This is much more than just building an electron tube amplifier from a schematic made from the design from someone else: not only academic theory for scientific evidence, but also a theoretical explanation of how the practice works. No modern simulations, but because you first have to understand the circuit calculations, then you can work with your hands to build the circuit and last, but not least, if you have a multimeter, a signal generator and an oscilloscope, you can measure the circuit parameters yourself to see that theory and practice are very close. This very aim and coverage makes the book a unique reference source.


The contents pages may be viewed at the links below. Order the book directly from the publishers now! Parcel delivery of course!

For a limited time only Elektor subscribers pay just £55.00 and no (that’s right, zero) P & P.


ISBN 978-0-905705-93-4

834 pages

Hard cover

Normal price: £65.00 plus P&P

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