Continuing in the last months of 2020, Elektor is organizing an extended Sale that we will intensely promote on a weekly basis in all our media. Obviously, the only way we can get away with intense promotion is to bring an offer that is super attractive to our audience. This means that together with our suppliers, we need to create a surprising offer, an attractive offer, or better still; both. At Elektor, we have done so quite successfully over the last months. We have been able to lower our stock levels and were able to make up for lost margin with increased volumes.

If this sounds like an attractive situation to you, we encourage you to contact us at or simply fill out the form below. Our e-commerce team led by e-commerce manager Muhammed Soküt will closely examine if there is a good match possible between your offer and our customers. We cannot guarantee that it will always work, but we do guarantee that we will do our utmost to make it work! Your product can connect with our target group, and our best e-commerce, sales, and marketing staffers are ready to think along with you. Elektor Helps Suppliers!


But... is this then nothing but a shameless promotion for our store? Well, no. We like to think it is creating a win-win situation. In the first place, and this is truly our number one priority, it will be of great value for our extensive audience. Second, we will go a long way to help our partners benefit from our unique store sale in difficult times. And finally, Elektor also benefits from happy customers, a positive impact for our suppliers, and, yes, a successful store sale. Win-win!


Being an editorial community webshop offers a lot of unique benefits; obviously, we have our own media and our own community that will allow us to communicate as long as we remain relevant. The Sale will be promoted in all our media and beyond. This means mailings, news, reviews, social posts, video posts, etc. are at our disposal. There will be a standard approach, but we will extend that to fit the proposition at hand. Not only will we use organic channels but we will also work with professionals to help extend campaigns in paid media.