Handy miniature soldering iron

June 29, 2016 | 10:42
This miniature soldering iron from Seeed Studio is the ideal companion for soldering jobs on the road or as a second soldering iron at home. The soldering iron is compact (16.8 x 1.65 cm) and looks more like a fat fountain pen than a soldering iron. The grip is made from plastic with a sturdy feel and has a bright OLED display on the side, with two buttons for setting the temperature.
The included soldering tip has a fine point. The interchangeable tip is clamped in the handle by tightening a small screw with the included Allen wrench. At the rear of the grip there is a power connector and a micro USB port for connection to a PC. The soldering iron has a rated power of 40 W with the included AC power adapter.
When the soldering iron is connected to the computer through a USB cable, you can adjust various parameters, including the operating temperature, standby temperature, standby wait time and other settings. The software is open source, so it can also be modified or extended.
This handy soldering iron is now available in the Elektor Shop.

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