The MakePython ESP32 Kit is a great kit for application development in MicroPython on the popular ESP32 microcontroller. Besides the MakePython ESP32 development board, the kit includes a collection of electronic components and assembled modules allowing you to begin programming right away. In this video, Asma explains how to measure your heart rate with the kit's pulse sensor and display it as a graph on the included OLED display.

MakePython ESP32 Kit: project like Measure Your Heart Rate
The kit includes all the lectronic components and modules you need to
begin programming. The book includes 46 proejcts!

Heart Rate Monitor Example

The enclosed book contains 46 example projects on which you can base your own applications, from simple electronic projects to complex IoT projects. One of the examples explains how to detect the heart rate and display it as a graph on an OLED display. A suitable heart rate pulse sensor module is included in the kit, as is the OLED display.

In this video Asma shows how to build the heart rate example project and she explains how the software works.


About the Kit

Learn how to use the ESP32 Microcontroller and MicroPython programming in your future projects! The project book, written by well-known Elektor author Dogan Ibrahim, holds many software- and hardware-based projects especially developed for the MakePython ESP32 Development Kit.

The kit comes with several LEDs, sensors, and actuators. The kit will help you acquire the basic knowledge to create IoT projects. The book’s fully evaluated projects feature all the supplied components. Each project includes a block diagram, a circuit diagram, a full program listing, and a complete program description.