ON Semiconductor has announced the first two variants of its new VE-Trac PIM (Power Integrated Module) family of high-voltage inverters designed to drive electric vehicle traction motors. These PIMs provide an enhanced level of electrical and thermal performance, as well as scalability and a high level of reliability for automotive drive applications. They are suitable for use as the main inverter for traction motors used in all types of electrically powered vehicles. The two variants announced so far are the VE-Trac Dual and VE-Trac Direct.
The VE-Trac Dual will be a family of DSC (Dual Side Cooling) compact, half-bridge modules that are both stackable and scalable to cater for a range of application requirements. VE-Trac Dual can be a platform solution for traction inverter applications ranging from 80kW to 300kW with minimal mechanical redesign. The first type in the range rated to 750 V at 800 A is the NVG800A75L4DSC. The module’s embedded smart IGBT ensures fast response to overcurrent and overtemperature events.
Key features of the NVG800A75L4DSC:
• Half-bridge, dual-side cooling.
• Ultra-low stray inductance.
• Tj_max = 175 °C (continuous operation).
• Low VCESAT and switching losses.
• AQG324, FS4 750-V IGBT.
• On-chip current and temperature sensor.
The VE-Trac Direct platform offers best-in-class performance and employs direct cooling for excellent thermal performance. The first release on this platform is the AQG-324 qualified NVH820S75L4SPB.

Key features of the  NVG820S75L4SPB:
• Isolated high current IGBT gate driver with electrical isolation.
• DC link capacitor with 500 µF / 500 V.
• Multi-sourcing with minimal layout changes.
• Available in multi-power classes.
• Easy performance scaling.
Both VE-Trac Dual and VE-Trac Direct can be operated permanently with a junction temperature up to 175 °C. Future variants in the VE-Trac family will include discrete power devices, isolated gate drivers and expanded module solutions, as well as wide bandgap (WBG) devices to drive performance and expand the product portfolio available to automotive systems designers.