ICAPE Group has the honor to be as one of the three Winners of the SAP Quality Awards in the Fast Delivery category in France.

The group will be invited to attend the SAP Quality Awards ceremony scheduled Wednesday 21 November (17h-20h) at SAP France where France winners will be awarded by the SAP France Managing Director, Gerald KARSENTI.

And for sure, this will be for us a pleasant surprise to discover the color of the Award we splendidly won - Gold, Silver or Bronze.

ICAPE Group is so proud of this award, even we don’t know his color, as the quality of nominations is high for this well-established awards program, this is quite a prodigious achievement.

This accomplishment reflects positively our applications and the quality of each service delivered to satisfy customers.

If you desire more information about the company, see our website www.icape-group.com.

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