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iFest enriches festival experience

January 8, 2017 | 06:26
iFest enriches festival experience
iFest enriches festival experience
The iFest project (a collaboration between scientific institutes and commercial partners) has the goal of developing a new generation of festival wristbands which, based on built-in communication and sensor functionalities, will ensure an enriched festival experience. In addition, iFest will develop a software platform that allows the bands to be managed and analyze the data obtained.
Cheap, portable technology is also gaining rapid inroads in the entertainment sector. In 2014, festival bands based on RF-technology were already introduced. The iFest project will use these technologies and expand on it with advanced communications, sensor and actuator functionality. To achieve this, a few specific details need to be worked out: new communications protocols with low energy requirements and a network infrastructure to support it; accurate positioning algorithms to follow the movements of the visitors; quality standards for these and an analysis of the impact on the festival experience of visitors.

The features of the iFest will be applied to three domains: access control and security, social interactions among visitors and analysis of the behavior of festival goers. In addition, iFest wants to develop a festival platform which enables organizers to store the data from this new generation of festival wristbands and to analyze it. iFest will develop algorithms that will give insight into group and individual behavior and the visitor experience. And the visitors themselves will also enjoy a richer festival experience based in real-time, personalized recommendations.

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