In Paris, servers heat the swimming pool

March 2, 2016 | 15:00
In Paris, servers heat the swimming pool
In Paris, servers heat the swimming pool
How do you use the heat generated by data servers in an economical and ecological manner? By heating the water of the swimming pool, says the mayor of Paris, who in July 2015 launched a tender for its pool at Butte-aux-Cailles on the supply of locally produced energy by recovery of the heat emitted by a data centre.

The young startup Stimergy responded by proposing the installation of a new device which would the saving of the equivalent of 45 tonnes of CO2 per year. The swimming pool in this historic part of the 13th district of the capital, historically heated by an artesian well (French article) of 580m depth, and now heated by district heating, will be equipped in the fall of 2016 with several “Digital Boilers” which will recover the heat generated by servers installed in the pool infrastructure and recycle it to provide the heated water needs of the indoor pool. Because they work 24/7, the production of this “digital heat” is constant.

With this world first, the city of Paris has demonstrated that local authorities can participate in an ecological and economic fashion in bettering the energy efficiency of buildings and data centres in France. “The city intends to meet a double target: increase the proportion of renewable energy and recovery to 25% of Paris’s energy consumption by 2020, and be an attractive and innovative city by promoting the local setup of efficient and secure data centres.”
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