Ever wonder who makes up the Elektor community? Curious about what your peers think about topics such as IoT security, analog techniques, and home automation? Want to know if the average Elektor member has mastered more programming languages than you have? Are you interested in learning about the soldering habits of other Elektor members? Elektor Community Insights

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in luck. In the coming months, Elektor's editorial team will be sharing some key insights about its community with you. We frequently survey the electrical engineers, electronics makers, and technical students who read our publications, use our online Labs platform, write for our magazines, and sell via our webshop. And we are constantly discussing technology with our highly engaged members via social media, email, online events, and conferences. Let’s begin this series with some interesting info about the Elektor community. 

Your Fellow Elektor Community Members

During the last few months, we did some research, and with the help of thousands of Elektor community members, we learned some interesting things. Curious?
  • Elektor members have serious programming skills. 64% are proficient in two or more programming languages. 20% know four or more programming languages!
  • Elektor members read a lot of electronics-related books. 68.2% have read an electronics-related book in the last month!
  • 68% of Elektor members use YouTube at least once per month to watch videos about DIY electronics projects, electronic product reviews, electronics-related tutorials, or interviews with electronics professionals.
  • Last month, we asked members which sorts of projects they were working on. Results: #1 Home Automation, #2 Embedded Programming, and #3 IoT.
  • Elektor members enjoy science fiction movies! 54.6% report that SciFi is their favorite movie genre, followed by documentaries, and then action movies. Horror flicks came in last place!
  • Elektor community members love to design in their home workspaces. 91% of our members currently have an electronics workspace at home or are in the process of putting one together!
  • Home automation is a hot topic among Elektor community members. In January, 88% of Elektor members surveyed requested more content on this topic. We’re on it!
  • Most Elektor members started designing when they were young. 79.7% were 18 years old or younger when they discovered their passion for electronics. 33.6% reported that a family member helped introduce them to the field.  
  • The top three technologies that Elektor members focus on at work are electronics development, computing, and microcontrollers.
  • 80% of Elektor members have been reading Elektor Magazine for 4 years or more!
  • Elektor's digital communities are growing in popularity. We currently have more than 120,000 E-Zine subscribers, and our YouTube channel just surpassed 13,300 subscribers!
  • As you know, Elektor publishes books and bundles on a wide variety of topics. A few weeks ago, when we asked some members to tell us which topics interest them the most, we learned about their preferences: #1 Raspberry Pi, #2 Arduino, #3 Test & Measurement, #4 Microcontrollers, and #5 IoT.

Stay Tuned

Our editorial team is currently preparing a new survey for the Elektor community. We’ll post it online in the coming days. We encourage you all to participate. We might even have some nice giveaways from time to time!

Want to suggest some questions for your fellow Elektor community members? Add your questions to the comments section. We might include some of your questions in future surveys!