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October 7, 2015 | 16:06
Chris Tubbs
Chris Tubbs
Long-time partners, element14 and Elektor Academy are excited to announce the latest installment of their webinar series, which will focus on IoT security.

Beyond the world of security-conscious embedded engineers, outsiders often laugh at security warnings about the Internet of Things. And yet an outsider's questions like: 'why would hackers attack my devices?’ have some validity. So as connected devices are becoming the norm in our lives rather than the exception, manufacturers and users ignore security at our peril. But even so IoT Security is still the ‘Elephant in the room’. We know it’s there, it’s big and scary but we close our eyes and hope it will go away. This webinar explores what the scale of the problem really is, the types of attack, how and why they are performed and how to counter them.

Presenting on this exciting topic we have Chris Tubbs, an industry veteran with almost 40 years of experience in the avionics, simulation, medical, automotive and software industries.

Event Info:
Webinar: IoT Security – The Elephant in the room
Date: Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
Start Time: 16:00 CET (Europe/Paris)
Finish Time: 17:00 CET (Europe/Paris)
Presenter: Chris Tubbs
Host: Jan Buiting
Language: English

The webinar consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by a Q & A slot during which the presenter will answer your questions right there and then. As usual, participation in this webinar is absolutely free-of-charge, with the only attendance requirements being a successful registration, a valid e-mail address and a PC with broadband internet access.

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