Interested in PCB design? Want to get started with KiCad 6? Elektor's Asma Adhimi introduces an in-depth new book that highlights all the exciting features of the open-source solution. It's a great intro for professionals and makers alike.
Kicad 6 book video

KiCad 6 Like a Pro 

Dr. Peter Dalmaris's book KiCad 6 Like a Pro: Fundamentals and Projects covers essential topics such as: the redesign, modern UI, customizable design rule checkers, enhanced bus handling, new tools for drawing tracks, and much more. 

"You can use this book as a learning guide and as a reference source," Adhimi notes in a helpful video introducing the book. "It will help you to become productive quickly and to start designing your own PCBs. It will also teach you basic and advanced features of KiCad."

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