Linear Audio Volume 5 Now Available From Elektor

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Linear Audio Volume 5 Now Available From Elektor
Linear Audio Volume 5 Now Available From Elektor

Written by an international and diverse team of writers, Linear Audio Vol 5 is the sixth installment of our bookzine dedicated to technical audio and perception. Reflecting the varied authors contained within the book, Linear Audio Vol 5 contains technical audio articles on a multifarious amount of subjects and comes with a FREE preamp PCB! Within these 210 pages you'll find:



After years of trying to recreate the Big Bang, Erik Margan returned to audio to tell all about Interconnections in Audio and Pierre Touzelet completes his investigations in transformers writing On stray capacitances in audio transformers.


Need help sizing snubbers across rectifiers? Morgan Jones has found some unexpected answers in his article background and Best Practices.



Hans Van Maanen has been using his keen deductive skills to assess the audio-quality of SACD compared to red book CD. Combining his wealth of experience with emperical data, he presents a compelling argument and explains how to test his idea out for yourself!


Circuit Design

After exploring the F-Word, Bruno Putzeys returns with his next installment: The G-Word, or How to Get Your Audio off the Ground – providing insight and Best Practices for clean audio. A free PCB, courtesy, is included for Bruno’s demo preamp project.


System Design

Richard Burwen elucidates how High Frequency Reverberation can be utilized to increase your enjoyment of reproduced sound on a system you might think is already fully optimized!


Speaker Clinic

Lennart Jarlevang takes The Small Speaker challenge head-on and walks you through the process of improving an already well-received product.


The Way I see it

Elektor Columnist Stan Curtis investigates the eternal juxtaposition between onjective technical performance, and what sounds good to your ears. He listens carefully to anomalous audio and provides articulate insights into the underlying issue.


Book Review

Stuart Yaniger gives a pragmatic and insightful review of Oliver Masciarotte’s To Serve and Groove, allowing you to approach the text with a solid footing.


Linear Audio 5 is now available from the Elektor webshop for just £18.95 / €23.50 /US $30.60.

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