Whether you are a professional engineer, an EE/ECE student, or a weekend maker, your input matters! And with Elektormagazine.com's new rating tool, you can quickly and easily rate our articles, interviews, and projects. Give it a try, and let us know what you think about our electronics-focused content!

How to Rate Elektor Content

After reading an article posted on one of Elektor's websites, simply look below the author byline (or scroll to the bottom of the article) to find the rating tool. There you can submit a rating with the click of your mouse or the tap of your finder. Logged-in members can even easily leave a comment or question for the author and for Elektor's editorial team!
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Every Vote Counts

Elektor accepts votes from members and non-members alike. Why? Elektor engineers, authors, editors, and executives learn a lot from community members, so we take your input seriously. Articles, video, and projects with a lot of positive feedback will lead to new content on related subjects. And, of course, we'll endeavor to spend more time on the sort of material that you find informative, helpful, and inspiring.
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