As I am sure you know from the ton of publicity Elektor sprouted around it, the Intel Edison development platform is designed to make it easier to rapidly prototype and produce IoT and wearable computing products. It supports Arduino Sketch, Linux, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Fine, but what do you do with it? How about making yourself invisible, that’s what Intel claim you can do with a series of video tutorials put online last month.

“Invisibility clothing in 20 minutes" involves attaching a webcam at the back of a garment to capture the objects or scenery behind it. The captured image is then displayed on the front of the garment through a set of LED strips.

The tutorial consists of 10 videos, each two minutes long on average, demonstrating the key steps to accomplishing the project. The steps include a webcam test, how to connect the LED modules with the Intel Edison, as well as instructions on what to do with the garment that serves as the invisibility cloak.

Part 1: Presentation of the project and material
Part 2: Configuration of the Edison Board
Part 3: Test with the webcam
Part 4: LED explanation and test
Part 5: LED driver information
Part 6: Get information from webcam
Part 7: Send information to LED
Part 8: Packaging - wiring and soldering
Part 9: Packaging - couture
Part 10: Final demo and opening

Though great as a programming exercise the result is rather unconvincing and no more than a gadget. Somehow I think Edison would agree to encouraging Intel to do a better job using flexible 4K displays. And possibly VR glasses for the entire audience.