Marketing tip: Cool Summer Deals

October 5, 2016 | 00:00
Contact Julia Grotenrath
Contact Julia Grotenrath
We know that summer can be slow, they used to be at Elektor as well. But eversince we introduced the Elektor Cool Summer Deals we turned that ship around. And your business can too! 

Simplicity is always a winner!

The concept is as simple as it is beautiful. We look for the very best deals for the customers of our webstore and we activate these deals with a massive marketing campaign so that all our audience (and beyond) knows about the great deals we got them. For 12 weeks we have a daily deal every day and once a week we have a big week-deal. 5 promotions in total that all last a week. 

Since an absolute requirement is the best deal possible our customers love the campaign. The participating business partners/suppliers love it since we go all out with our communication power. And we love it since we made a slow time of year the best time of year with happy customers and a lot of business for our partners!


Interested? There are still a few daily deals available (the weekly promotions are all sold out and ready to go) and we are always open for creative arrangements to make the most out of this summer!
Please note: since this concept will only work if we can make our customers happy, we can not guarantee that any promotion will do. We can guarantee that our experience of the last four years is at your disposal to help shape the best situation for all involved.


Julia Grotenrath
Client Executive
Phone: +31 (0)46 4389 436
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