Now available to pre-order in the Elektor Store is our brand new book: Microcontroller Based Radio Telemetry Projects. If you want to learn more about radio telemetry applications and microcontroller programming using the PIC18F series, then this is the book for you.

Radio Telemetry is the process of data communication using radio waves. It is used in many applications where it may be necessary to read signals from environmental sensors or to control a device or a piece of hardware remotely. Typical application areas of radio telemetry are in factory automation, robotics, medical applications, environmental monitoring and so on. Most radio telemetry applications are based on the Low Power Radio (LPRA) or Short Distance Radio (SDR) techniques, and nearly all use some kind of processor to read, format and transmit/receive the data.

This book is written for students, practicing engineers and for hobbyists who want to learn more. The design of a radio telemetry based mini weather station is considered as an example system in the book where the developed system can measure the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and much more.

So to find out about all this, and more, pre-order your copy before 15 May 2015 and get 15% discount! The book will be available at its regular retail price in our web store from 18 May 2015.