Interested in Arduino? Want to learn about neural networks and how to give your Arduino a brain? Take the live Elektor Academy course, Neural Network for Arduino: Give Arduino a Brain, on June 30, 2022 (at 7:00 PM Europe/Berlin) for only €10 (regularly €34.95)!

Course Details: Neural Network for Arduino

Do you think artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are incredibly challenging topics to dive into? If so, Elektor’s new course, Neural Network for Arduino: Give Arduino a Brain, is for you. Take the live course and follow engineer Stuart Cording as he provides you with a simple and understandable approach to using elementary ML. As you’ll see, all you will need is a PC and a source-code neural network that works on Arduino and other microcontrollers. 
Neural Network for Arduino: A Live Elektor Course for Only €10
Neural Network for Arduino — Take the live Elektor Academy course for only €10.
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“In this course, you’ll learn about the basic building block of ML, neural networks,” Cording explains. “After covering some of the history of its development and what today’s AI is capable of, you’ll see how artificial neurons learn basic capabilities through software examples. With simple learned functionality, like replicating an AND gate, behind us, we’ll learn why learning an XOR gate’s functionality was challenging for early artificial neuron approaches and how that challenge was overcome. With this light touch on the theory complete, we’ll explore how this simple little neuron can be used as part of an autonomous driving system to detect the color of traffic lights. Until this point, all the code demonstrated runs on a PC using Processing. The final section shows how the same (lightly modified) code runs on an Arduino to implement the same traffic light color detecting application.”

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Register today for only €10! The in-depth course will be delivered as a walk-through with demonstrations of the examples covered. The code used in the course will be available on GitHub for use as the basis of your own sketches. (Live Elektor Academy courses typically run between 60 and 90 minutes.)

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In April, Elektor Academy offered a free course titled Debugging Techniques for Arduino. In the course, Cording presented helpful approached to finding bugs and fixing your code. Watch the free video