With the recent release of Warwick A. Smith’s Open Source Electronics on Linux, entering the world of open source software for electronics and everyday applications has never been easier, be it solely on Linux or in tandem with your current operating system.


This book offers the perfect way to expand your skills with open source hardware and software this Summer. All hardware projects can be built on single-sided PCBs and made at home, or output files can be generated for professional manufacture of boards. No special hard to get parts are used. You’ll learn to use EDA tools and software that is readily available online, free to download, and many of the software programs used are also available for Windows.


At a glance:

• Install and learn to use a Linux operating system;

• Learn to use open source EDA tools for creating circuit diagrams and circuit boards;

• Use the Arduino and the Arduino Ethernet shield open source hardware;

• Build one of several AVR microcontroller programmers;

• Develop software for, program and debug 8-bit AVR microcontrollers on a Linux system;

• Interface a LCD display to a Linux PC to show Linux system information;

• Install C language development tools for MSP430 and ARM microcontrollers;

• Discover interesting and useful open source software;

• Make home-made circuit boards designed using open source tools.


For a limited time only, Elektor GREEN and GOLD Members will receive a 13% discount when they purchase a copy of Open Source Electronics on Linux. Furthermore, ordering a copy before June 14th, 2013 will ensure they also receive free shipping!