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New Book from Elektor: PIC Microcontroller Programming

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
New Book from Elektor: PIC Microcontroller Programming
New Book from Elektor: PIC Microcontroller Programming

If you want to try microcontroller programming but think the tools are too complicated or too expensive you should order Elektor’s new book PIC Microcontroller Programming. The book shows you how to program PIC microcontrollers using the totally free and easy-to-use programming language JAL. This extremely powerful programming language for PIC microcontrollers is popular among hobbyists. The includes an excellent integrated development environment (IDE) at no additional cost.


Step-by-step PIC Microcontroller Programming helps you improve your skills. No previous knowledge is needed: anyone can get started with this book. Once you have completed all the exercises in the book, you will be able to write PIC microcontroller programs and read and understand programs written by others. The book teaches you JAL commands, and how to make an LED blink, build a time switch, measure a potentiometer’s wiper position, produce sounds, suppress contact bounce, and control the brightness of an LED. It also teaches you how to spot and fix errors in your programs.


The companion software for this book, including the JAL programming language, can be downloaded free of charge. In addition, you may order a kit of parts so you don't have to purchase the required components.


GOLD and GREEN members who order the book receive a 13% discount and free shipping.

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