It's always nice to see things making a comeback, and in today's throwaway climate we are seeing a resurgence in vinyl records and associated audio gear. With this interest, there is a parallel market for the repair of vintage electronics. The new Elektor book Retro Audio aims to offer the reader understandings, ideas and solutions from the perspective of a workbench technician and electronics hobbyist. Aiming to act as a servicing guide, this title includes a comprehensive discussion of essential test equipment and tools, obtaining servicing information about repair and spare parts, a look at general diagnosis and testing and much, much more. 
Each of the chapters of the book begins with an orderly discussion of the theory of operation and common and not so common problems about the vintage or faulty equipment in question, and ends with a summary. Included throughout the book is plenty of data, tips and tools of the trade, and not so common knowledge. 
So get your copy today to get all the info you need to repair, resurrect and correct all your retro audio equipment! 

Check out the free 41-page preview to ensure that this book is exactly what you want it to be.