New ElektorLabs Magazine Edition 4/2019 Available

June 19, 2019 | 10:48
New ElektorLabs Magazine Edition 4/2019 Available
New ElektorLabs Magazine Edition 4/2019 Available
The July & August 2019 edition of ElektorLabs magazine is now available in the Elektor Store, both in print and digital (pdf) format. Elektor GOLD members have already received the new issue by post.

This fourth issue of the year (of six in total) is once again packed with projects for DIY or inspiration. Tips, tricks, basic and background information are offered – as always by and for electronics engineers. The issue is marked by projects and articles to cover all four areas defined by the two selection criteria: hobbyist / professional on the one hand, and hands-on / nice to know on the other. All articles listed below fall into one of four areas defined in this way, and we are happy to let you decide which area you’re most comfortable with:
  • (Almost) everything you always wanted to know about...Analogue Design and Circuitry
  • AC-in, DC-out Baristors
  • An Elektor BoBs Catalog
  • AS-Interface Essentials
  • Bright Flashing LED
  • Channel Temperature Monitor & Logger
  • Create a 100% Private Vocal Assistant with Snips
  • Creating a New Component (Symbol) in KiCad
  • Differential Probe Power Supply
  • Display Serial Data on a Web Page
  • ESP32 as a Time Server
  • ESP32 Battery Monitor
  • Fair Algorithms
  • From Tubes to Silicon
  • Heading Towards a Tsunami of Light
  • Hexadoku
  • IOTA Crypto Currency (and an FPGA for the RPi)
  • MIDI I/O Breakout Board
  • New CPLD Board with MAX 10
  • Qt for the Raspberry Pi
  • Revolutionary Battery Pack Design from TUE/InMotion
  • The SCCC Project (3)
  • Snips Speech Recognition
  • TL431 Precision Programmable Reference
  • Waterflow Monitor with ESP32

The complete Table of Contents of ElektorLabs Magazine July & August 2019 can be found here.

In the Elektor Store you can order the paper version as well as the digital version (PDF).

Elektor GOLD and GREEN members can download the digital edition again here. But as an Elektor member, you'll enjoy many more benefits, including unrestricted access to our vast archive. Not a member yet? Then order your personal membership!
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