For all the Arduino enthusiasts out there, we have a new one for you. As you well know, the Arduino is "the" basic component in the maker community, however to expand its capabilities makers are still largely on their own. To really make the most of the Arduino, and explore the projects in which it can be used, it means getting back to basics which can often cause major problems — and that's where the book Home Automation Projects with Arduino begins.

This book looks at a variety of practical projects that can be built using items supplied in a single kit together with the Arduino board. This kit, the RFID Starter kit for Arduino UNO is not just limited to RFID applications but contains more than 30 components, devices and modules covering all areas of modern electronics. 

So to make things easier for all you makers out there, Elektor are offering a special bundle comprising this book + the RFID starter kit for 7% off the normal price! The kit contains everything you need to do all the projects in the book, definitely not an offer to be missed! So get yours today and start work right away.

Check out the free 34-page preview to ensure that this book is exactly what you want it to be.