Erik Jansen, Vice MD and CDO:

…. "Our 'always surprising, never expensive' strategy is increasingly visible in the stores, in the production of our own books and products and within our purchasing policy. Quote Erik Jansen Partly because of this, the stores have grown to one third of the company's turnover. And we expect to continue that growth. We do not only want to offer our existing and new customers a great experience during the online purchase. We also want to perform above average in the subsequent process, after-sales and logistics. For years we were able to rely on Elektor's own central warehouse for this. Since the new mission, however, there has been such a strong new impulse that we want and need to organize our Logistic Team differently. From October 2020, we will have a service provider that is constantly developing ambitiously with the market and now also will offer Elektor's members and customers the highest standard." 


Elektor Warehouse is moving

Of the move itself you as a customer can notice a day extra delivery time for orders placed on October 1st or 2nd. Of course we do everything we can to do keep this as limited a problem as possible. For example, part of our stock has already been moved before to assure swift delivery. However, we cannot completely rule it out. The increased service level will hopefully compensate for this.


Ultimately, of course, it is precisely that service for which we do all this. After October 1st we deliver faster and more accurate. The order communication as well will be at the desired level again. During the move, extra people will be available to answer your questions. After the move, we will continue to optimize continuously.

Everything to be: 'always surprising, never expensive'.



Supply restrictions outside the EU by COVID-19

Although by now there are a lot less restrictions on delivery to countries outside the EU, we still do have issues shipping to a limited number of these countries. We use more than one shipper, but they all face the same problems. For a current overview we refer to this overview